How to Help a Woman on Crack

How to Help a Woman on Crack

A friend you know is having a hard time. Finances are low, the children are fighting and screaming and above all, her husband wants a divorce. She is on the point of cracking apart. How do you help her? Read on to find out.

Look for the fastest way to pick one side and rectify it. The others will also come into line.

Here goes:

Hire a nurse first of all to check up on your friend. Combined with the nurse, you do everything to help her come back to her senses without letting her break down again.

Then buy the children ice cream and candies and ask them to behave. Tell them there is crisis in the family. They should all help each other, not fight and scream. Their parents are depressed. Help them to cheer up by consoling them. Their mother has especially gone hysterical. They should behave well and look after their mother’s wellbeing.

Then make an appointment with a relationship counselor. Persuade both the mother and father to give counseling a last try before moving on with divorce. Understanding and compromising with each other is the key. Ask them if they can make makeup and carry on. By any means, send them for a counseling session.

After taking care of these things, show the family how they can expect a steady flow of income.

You can teach both the parents the hacks of online moneymaking. Show them the trustworthy sources and hence, the flow of income.

Next ask them of any other particular interests of their own so that they could carry on as the main source of income. Help them with resumes and cover letters and encourage them to apply to the positions of their choice in a particular niche.

Check on your lady friend. Tell her everything is going to be fine. There is no reason to freak out.

You have been loyal to them advising them, bombarding them with information and helping them out financially and establishing for them steady sources of income. Additionally, you have provided for them a nurse and a relationship counselor on top of everything, which they shouldn’t forget.

Hopefully, with your generous help, the family will stick together, survive and thrive. The woman of the family was in pretty bad shape. Credit yourself completely to bring her back to life.

Bringing blessings to a family will result in you being blessed by the universe. So there is no loss – only gains. That you have helped a woman on crack is fully acknowledged by the universe which conspires to give you something big in return. Wish on a shooting star and your burning desire might yet fall on your shoulders.

Visit the family after a month and have a chitchat with your female friend. She will probably want to repay your big favor with some honest token of love and appreciation. Take it whatever it is and it may be the very thing which you have always desired. Life has strange ways to repay your sincere and committed motives.