For Women: Self-Consciousness Remedy – How to Cure Self-Consciousness Naturally

For Women: Self-Consciousness Remedy – How to Cure Self-Consciousness Naturally

Are you always too self-conscious of yourself about people looking at you and scrutinizing you? I have remedies to help you feel better. Read on to find out.

Here goes:

  1. Understand that people may be interested in you but if you don’t pay attention, they hardly hold their interest. They start heeding others. So you are pretty safe, can relax and enjoy the occasion wherever you are.
  2. You self-talk and so do other people. If you make a mistake such as, dropping a glass or bumping on a guy, you hardly have to feel bad. Most of the people around are worried about themselves only and their self-talk is about them and not you. So comprehend that even if you make mistakes like the above, they are hardly thinking about you.
  3. At a gathering or reunion of some kind, if your thoughts are continuously about self-consciousness, help yourself by saying quietly to yourself: TERMINATE. Then and there stop thinking that way. Find someone you know and start talking and gradually find more friends/relatives to talk and enjoy your time.

Now I gravitate the above three situations towards more positive ways:

  1. Suppose people are watching you with interest as you have dressed yourself very elegantly. Look around and open your eyes. See around and find out who it is that you like and walk up to him gracefully and intentionally without feeling self-conscious. Strike a jolly conversation and laugh your fears and concerns away.
  2. You have made your mistake. Look around quickly and share with someone your blunder and how much you are sorry. You can even ask him/her to show you the host so that you can apologize. About bumping on someone else, confess to someone how clumsy you have been that you haven’t really noticed the person you have bumped on. Acknowledging your mistake(s) will make you feel much better. You don’t feel self-conscious and become ready in the mood to enjoy the occasion wherever you may be.
  3. If you can’t help but feel self-conscious as long as you have been in the gathering or reunion, saying TERMINATE to yourself will help but also change your thoughts to something more positive. For example, say to yourself, “I can see Kate there. She is always so decent. I will go up to her and spend a few minutes with her. Perhaps she can introduce me to more like-minded people.” Or, you can say, “I can see old grandma in the kitchen. Probably I can give her a helping hand and come across more people through her.” This kind of positive self-talk actually results in happening what you wish for.

Summing up, the above six scenarios help to make you realize that feeling self-conscious is redundant and a waste of time. You can do so much better feeling confident and communicating with people graciously.