How To Protect Yourself From Buying The Fake Gemstones?

How To Protect Yourself From Buying The Fake Gemstones?

Khanna Gems believe in the magical powers of mystical gemstones. The color and appearance of these gemstones lure us to buy them at any cost. We bought them from market without knowing their authenticity and originality and sometimes we caught by fake gemstone retailers. So, before you buy any gemstones you must have some knowledge of those particular gemstones.


If you want to Buy Manik Stone then you must know about the 4 C’s of it. Buy Manik Stone which is opaque or translucent. Some ruby ratna are transparent too but they are very rare. Manik ratna has many inclusions like cracks, milky effect etc. that makes it less clear. Clean Ruby ratna are very rare and are very expensive. To Buy Ruby Stone, check for different types of cut of Ruby (Ruby) as per your choice such as Marquise, Octagon, Oval, Pear, Heart, Round and Square. Colour Shades of the Manik ratna ranges between light pink to deep pigeon blood red. The deep pigeon blood red Manik Stones costs you much as compare to light pink color. The tints of blue, yellow and black mark their presence also in Ruby Stone that lowers its price. Burmese Ruby is transparent and has bright red color that makes it costlier than other Ruby. To Buy Manik Stone, try to procure the Burmese Ruby. More is the carat finer is the quality but they are rare. So their prices vary. Buy Manik stone of above 3-4 carats to get the best quality Manik Stone.


The factors that affected by the cut of a diamond are its brilliance, dispersion of lights and scintillation or sparkling effect. A small and well cut diamond fetches higher price for it. Buy Diamonds that are available in variety of colors like pinks, blues and yellow and fetch more value as they are rare. However, white and transparent diamond gives you the true color thus have greater value. Buy Diamonds has many inclusions as they are procured from deep earth. More the inclusions more are the flaws. To Buy Diamonds, make sure that the inclusions are under facets or near the girdle because they are hard to see. The cost of the Diamonds depend on the cut, colour, clarity and carat, but sometimes the equal carat weight diamonds have different cost, majorly depends on cut, color and clarity. So, to Buy Diamonds you have to check the 4C’s very carefully.

Khanna Gems:

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